MolAr is a software for virtual screening. MolAr carry out the entire Virtual Screening process, from protein preparation (homology modeling, ligands refinement, protonation) to Virtual Screening. It has intuitive interfaces, which makes unnecessary the need for advanced computing knowledge, making it accessible tool for a wider range of people.

by Drug Discovery Group
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Mini Docking (MD)

Mini Docking (MD) is software to automatize Virtual Screening (VS) steps using Dock6, Chimera, MGL Tools, and Autodock Vina. MD allows the execution of the VS process with a simple command. With simple commands and a simple workflow, it is a powerful tool to automatize the VS process and does not require installing many programs to start using him.

by Drug Discovery Group
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Octopus is a software for virtual screening (VS). It can perform fast and friendly docking simulation. Differently from others VS platforms, Octopus can perform docking simulations of unlimited number of compounds into a set of molecular targets.

by Drug Discovery Group
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RunMopac is a software for ligand refinement for virtual screening.

by Drug Discovery Group